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Covid-19/Coronavirus Information, Questions and Answers

Updated 7 May 2021

For the latest continually updated information please check:

The Government has now released an exit framework which outlines the stages towards a full re-opening of the Isle of Man's borders.

The Isle of Man Government has stated:

"In this phase, significant amounts of change are expected, including to our borders, and the revised framework document key indicative dates that we expect to make these changes by. We cannot rule out major developments (such as variants of concern) that may impact our ability, but it does provide a blue print for restoring unrestricted British Isles travel, which supports many of our residents and businesses who need more freedom of travel:

Key dates:

  • Transition Stage 1: 1st May – Borders Level 3 – Family, Partners and Property Owners
  • Transition Stage 2: 29th May* - Borders Level 2 – Non-Resident Mitigated Travel
  • Transition Stage 3: 28th June* - Borders Level 1 - Unrestricted Travel

*All dates are indicative and subject to change, please see the strategy document for full details."

As has occurred many times since March 2020, the situation regarding Covid-19 and the response from the Isle of Man and UK Governments changes frequently, meaning we in turn have to adapt our terms of business and our expectations for bookings.

In line with this latest announcement, we will accept bookings from guests from the UK from July onwards .  

Since March 2020, we have either refunded all monies or transferred bookings to future dates for all guests who were booked to stay with us in 2020.  We are committed to offering our guests flexibility in their booking, however we also have to protect our small business - something which we hope you will appreciate and understand.

If the Isle of Man is open to visitors when a guest is booked to stay at the Lodge in 2021, we expect guests to honour their booking.  If guests decide not to travel to the Island, they will forfeit their deposit as per our Terms and Conditions.  

However, if the borders are still closed at the time of a guest's booking in 2021 they will be offered a full refund of what they have paid, or a free transfer of the booking to a future date.  

We have put some questions together to help our guests, however please contact us if you have any questions.

For enquiries regarding Chapel Bay Lodge email

For enquiries regarding Bishop’s Lodge email

I am due to travel to the Isle of Man in 2021, what will happen to my booking? 

The Isle of Man is currently moving through the borders exit framework and we are currently at Level 3 (  We will continue to offer our guests the same flexibility in moving dates or refunding deposits which we offered to guests who were booked to stay in 2020.  

We await further Government instruction regarding restrictions on the island's borders, however if you want to call us to discuss your booking please do so on 01624 671094. 

Can I cancel my booking and take a credit note? 

If you are due to travel later in 2021 and decide to cancel now, as per our normal terms and conditions your deposit will not be refunded.  If you choose to cancel your booking, and there are no Isle of Man Government imposed travel restrictions when you are due to stay, then you will not be entitled to a refund and you will lose your deposit.  

Please check your position with your travel insurer.

What happens if I need to cancel my holiday because I have Coronavirus or am advised by a medical practitioner not to travel?

You will need to check your travel insurance as to whether this would be covered. We do not offer refunds in this case.

What happens if I need to cancel my holiday because of restrictions or lockdown in my local area?

You will need to check your travel insurance as to whether this would be covered. We do not offer refunds in this case.

If events on the island are cancelled, what happens to my booking?

Bookings for accommodation are unrelated to an event, therefore our Terms and Conditions apply as normal.  If you decide to cancel your stay you will forfeit the deposit you've paid.

What would happen if any guests in the property before me contract the Coronavirus and have to self-isolate in the property, i.e. the property will not be vacated in time for my booking?

We would work with you to find a solution and endeavour to find you alternative accommodation.  Your booking would transfer to the new property however would be subject to the terms and conditions of the owner of that property.  We are not liable for any additional cost incurred at the new property. Please check your travel insurance cover in case of this situation arising.

My balance payment is due but I’m unsure if I want to travel, can I hold off paying this and see what happens?

In the current situation, we are happy for guests booked to stay in 2021 to hold off making a balance payment until 7 days before the holiday is due to commence.  Please call us to discuss your individual booking.

Can you guarantee the properties have been cleaned appropriately? 

We cannot guarantee properties are free from infection, however, all our properties are always cleaned and maintained to a high standard.  In addition, we are following the Government’s guidance for cleaning of non-healthcare settings issued specifically for the current situation and recently attained the Government's recommended scheme, the Safe, Clean and Legal Covid-19 Award.

I am an Isle of Man resident who has booked a staycation, what happens if lockdown returns and we are forced to cancel the booking?

If you have booked a staycation and the Government guidance means your booking must be cancelled, you will be entitled to change the dates of your booking or receive a refund.  If you cancel your booking for any other reason, a refund will not be offered and you will lose your deposit as per our Terms and Conditions.

I am currently staying at your Lodge and have developed Covid-19 symptoms, what should I do?

Please check the document: 'What to do if you suspect you have Coronavirus during your stay' in the guest information folder in the Lodge.

I am currently staying at your Lodge and have tested positive for Covid-19, what should I do?

Please advise us immediately and self-isolate immediately.  Please check the document: 'What to do if you suspect you have Coronavirus during your stay' in the guest information folder in the Lodge.  

We do not accept any responsibility for any Covid-19 related matters which occur during your stay at the Lodge.

If you have to self-isolate in the Lodge we regret that we will have to charge for extended occupancy.  You will also be liable for any additional costs in relation to your self isolation period such as food and medicine deliveries and laundry services. 

What YOU can do to help us:

Whilst we are going to do as much as we can to minimise the risk of spreading Coronavirus, there is a certain amount of responsibility that our guests will have to take on board and adhere to. 

Therefore we would ask that guests adhere to the latest Government guidance relating to hygiene and social distancing. 

In addition, we ask that you communicate with us should you experience any Covid-19 symptoms prior to, during or after your stay.

Prior to your stay: Complete the Guest Health Questionnaire.  If you answered YES to any of the questions, you must not proceed with your stay. 

During your stay: Immediately inform the property owner (Gaby Cooper) by phone on 01624 671094 or 07624 439970.

Self-Isolate immediately to minimise transmission.  Any other guests should also self-isolate.

Complete the Isle of Man COVID-19 Screening Assessment which can be found here: or call the Isle of Man COVID-111 telephone service.

After you depart: In the event symptoms linked to COVID-19 are identified once you have left the cottage, please inform us so we can take the necessary precautions for the safety of existing and future guests. Click here to view the symptoms of COVID-19.

We ask that you adhere to these measures in order to protect the health and safety of all concerned and to continue to support and safeguard our local communities.

Guest contact tracing log 

Please be advised your name, telephone number, email address and date of your stay will be held on our records for the purposes of contact tracing for the minimum time necessary and a maximum period of 4 weeks. 

In the event that they are requested, these details will be passed on to the Isle of Man Contact Tracing Service.  Please see the following Privacy Notice in respect of the COVID-19 111 phone line and Contact Tracing -

Guest Comments

Thank you, this was just what we needed! A most attractive, welcoming and comfortable base for a varied and enjoyable stay. We really did feel we were on holiday... all the way from Ballaugh!

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