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As I sit writing this blog, warming my feet by the crackling fire, a continuous confetti of leaves drifts past the rain-streaked window, and bare branches begin to emerge as summer’s dense green canopy slowly falls from the trees outside. What better time to write about autumn on the Isle of Man?

The Isle of Man’s stunning, varied and ever-changing landscape has long fascinated locals and visitors alike, and it’s seemingly endless collection of glens, hills, beaches and forests provide a unique environment for flora, fauna and people to thrive within.

Summer is here on the Isle of Man with long days stretching from the first chirrups of birdsong as early as 4am to sunsets streaked with oranges, pinks and mauves at 10pm...

This is a very personal blog as it explains the origins of the paintings on display in Chapel Bay Lodge, which are the work of my late father, René François. Many of our guests have remarked on his unique artwork so here is some background about his life, influences and inspirations, as well as how the paintings came to be in the Lodge.

We’ve just passed the midpoint of TT 2019 fortnight, and finally the sun is starting to make an appearance after what has been a frustrating qualifying week for riders, visitors and locals alike, with low mist, drizzle and rain bringing delays to the schedule and even the contingency schedule.
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