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In my recent blog about Winter on the Isle of Man, I wrote about Manannan Mac Lir, ancient ruler of the Isle of Man who drew his Cloak of Mists around the island to defend it from invaders. Today as we, along with so many others across the globe, face an invisible threat from a virus which has far reaching and devastating effects, it is the Isle of Man Government who has stepped in to protect thi...

The Isle of Man in winter is a wonderful and exhilarating playground for nature lovers and wild weather fanatics, as well as offering a haven to those seeking an escape from the hectic demands of modern life. Whatever the season, there is always something for everyone on the Isle of Man, and winter is no exception.

As I sit writing this blog, warming my feet by the crackling fire, a continuous confetti of leaves drifts past the rain-streaked window, and bare branches begin to emerge as summer’s dense green canopy slowly falls from the trees outside. What better time to write about autumn on the Isle of Man?

The Isle of Man’s stunning, varied and ever-changing landscape has long fascinated locals and visitors alike, and it’s seemingly endless collection of glens, hills, beaches and forests provide a unique environment for flora, fauna and people to thrive within.
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